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作者: ShawnDEvans
证书: GPLv3


root@kali:~# smbmap -h
usage: [-h] (-H HOST | --host-file FILE) [-u USERNAME] [-p PASSWORD]
            [-s SHARE] [-d DOMAIN] [-P PORT] [-x COMMAND] [-L | -R [PATH]
            | -r [PATH]] [-A PATTERN] [-q] [-F PATTERN]
            [--search-path PATH] [--download PATH] [--upload SRC DST]
            [--delete PATH TO FILE] [--skip]

SMBMap - Samba Share Enumerator | Shawn Evans -

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

Main arguments:
  -H HOST               IP of host
  --host-file FILE      File containing a list of hosts
  -u USERNAME           Username, if omitted null session assumed
  -p PASSWORD           Password or NTLM hash
  -s SHARE              Specify a share (default C$), ex 'C$'
  -d DOMAIN             Domain name (default WORKGROUP)
  -P PORT               SMB port (default 445)

Command Execution:
  Options for executing commands on the specified host

  -x COMMAND            Execute a command ex. 'ipconfig /all'

Filesystem Search:
  Options for searching/enumerating the filesystem of the specified host

  -L                    List all drives on the specified host
  -R [PATH]             Recursively list dirs, and files (no share\path lists
                        ALL shares), ex. 'C$\Finance'
  -r [PATH]             List contents of directory, default is to list root of
                        all shares, ex. -r 'C$\Documents and
  -A PATTERN            Define a file name pattern (regex) that auto downloads
                        a file on a match (requires -R or -r), not case
                        sensitive, ex '(web|global).(asax|config)'
  -q                    Disable verbose output. Only shows shares you have
                        READ/WRITE on, and supresses file listing when
                        performing a search (-A).

File Content Search:
  Options for searching the content of files

  -F PATTERN            File content search, -F '[Pp]assword' (requies admin
                        access to execute commands, and powershell on victim
  --search-path PATH    Specify drive/path to search (used with -F, default
                        C:\Users), ex 'D:\HR\'

Filesystem interaction:
  Options for interacting with the specified host's filesystem

  --download PATH       Download a file from the remote system,
  --upload SRC DST      Upload a file to the remote system ex.
                        '/tmp/payload.exe C$\temp\payload.exe'
  --delete PATH TO FILE
                        Delete a remote file, ex. 'C$\temp\msf.exe'
  --skip                Skip delete file confirmation prompt


$ smbmap -u jsmith -p password1 -d workgroup -H
$ smbmap -u jsmith -p 'aad3b435b51404eeaad3b435b51404ee:da76f2c4c96028b7a6111aef4a50a94d' -H
$ smbmap -u 'apadmin' -p 'asdf1234!' -d ACME -h -x 'net group "Domain Admins" /domain'

smbmap 用法示例


root@kali:~# smbmap -u victim -p s3cr3t -H
[+] Finding open SMB ports....
[+] User SMB session establishd on
[+] IP:   Name: win7-x86.lan
    Disk                                               Permissions
    ----                                               -----------
    ADMIN$                                              NO ACCESS
    C$                                                  NO ACCESS
    IPC$                                                NO ACCESS
    Users                                               READ ONLY